Active Membership

  • How to Join

    To join our organization, download and print the New Member form or the Renewal form. Fill it out and send it with a check for $10 to Gail Daugherty at the address listed on the form.


    Members of the BCSRA enjoy the following benefits:
    • Email Notices. President Paula Reitz regularly sends information that is important or that may be of interest to retirees. She also sends timely communications about members who are ill or in need and who would welcome phone calls, cards, or visits.
    • Newsletter. Twice a year, each member of the Association receives an issue of the BCSRA newsletter, Prime Times: Chronicles of the Retired and Relaxed—one in January and one in July.
    • Membership Directory. An updated membership directory is published annually. Email addresses and postal addresses are listed, as are winter addresses and phone numbers.

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