West Point Bridge Class Competition

  • http://bridgecontest.usma.edu/download.htm

    The West Point Bridge Designer is provided and intended solely for educational use.

    Use of the West Point Bridge Designer does not constitute endorsement by the United States Government, the Department of the Army, or the United States Military Academy of any project or design.

    Use of the West Point Bridge Designer for commercial or construction purposes is strictly prohibited.


    West Point Bridge Designer WPBD 2013

    ® Class Problem/Goal

    Design and construct a bridge with West Point Bridge Designer WPBD 2013 that passes the load test and is the least expensive. You must design a bridge tht holds a truck and is less than $400,000

    ® Rules/Limitations

    • Single Span Truss (44 Meters)
    • Deck Elevation (24 Meters)
    • No Truss Template May Be Used

    All West Point print outs should be part of your design Journal. Each group member is to have at least one print out in the journal with their name on it.

    ® The purpose of using this program for our class is to experiment, (trial & error) with shapes/designs. You are NOT using West Point to design the exact bridge that you will build!

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