Transition to BHS



    January/February:  Your child will participate in the creation of his or her goals and be learning how to self-advocate with guided practice this year. In this letter will be a parent/student survey that NYS requires us to fill out. This is called a Level 1 Assessment. You will also be invited to a Parent Information Night at BHS to discuss the options available for students with IEP's. You should come to our planning conference with ideas in mind to discuss. Counselors will push into classes and introduce what a BHS schedule and electives may look like.


    Spring:  Annual Reviews: I will update more information as we arrive closer to this date with finalized information. All students must be invited to attend by law. 


    In May/June:

    Students will be visiting the high school at BHS for a tour. We will walk over with our counselors and some teachers. We will meet in the auditorium with our wonderful Transition Coordinator, as well as with some BHS counselors.  There they will introduce themselves and some older students who have had transition services or IEP's or 504's. These selected students will then give a tour to my current students in groups of 4 where they are encouraged to ask questions. Items that will be addressed:


    1. Where the following places are located:  counseling office, nurse, LRR, Skills Lab, cafeteria, gym, art and tech areas

    2.  How to sign up for counseling appt's

    3. The process for test taking with testing accommodations

    4. Periods of the day the school store is open

    5. How your schedule will work and all the other little things that might pop up as they ask questions


    Please remember that the counseling office at BHS is open all summer. Students and parents are welcome to come visit anytime. Once they get their schedules in the mail, they can also go find their lockers and investigate where classes are even before the school year starts.