• Welcome to Mrs. Walter's German page!

    We use many different approaches to learn German including:

    Deutsch Aktuell textbooks and workbooks, worksheets, videos and games (and anything else that helps us to make learning German a fun and exciting experience!).

    We have a few class rules:

    1. Be nice.

    2. Be respectful.

    3. Be prepared.

    4. Be on time.

    5. Do your best!!


    Grades will be based on four things:

    1. Tests/quizzes: There will be tests and quizzes as chapters and topics progress to assess understanding. Tests will always be announced in advance. Quizzes will sometimes be announced! However, I will drop the lowest quiz grade each marking period.

    2. Homework: It can be written, oral or studying. It will be graded based on completion. Late written homework will be given only 1/2 credit.

    3. Participation: Participation is important, and we will work hard to be sure everyone is comfortable trying to speak German in class, both individually and in group settings.

    4. Miscellaneous: Skits, projects, and dialogues will be counted as well!

    My Teaching Philosophy:

    - German should be FUN and students should want to come to class! If this is not the case, please let me know.

    - Kids should feel safe. No one will be allowed to make fun of anyone.

    - Speaking skills are most important for German students, and we will take many opportunities to speak German!