The Brighton-Bremen Exchange

  • The Brighton-Bremen Exchange is organized through the German-American Partnership Program (GAPP) , an organization that helps schools find partner schools in Germany and provides guidance in organizing the exchange once the partnership is established.  GAPP has it's office at the Goethe Institute in Manhattan, NYC.

    The Brighton-Bremen Exchange was founded in 1981.

    Who Can Participate:

    Any student in 10th-12th grade can participate.

    How Does it Work?

    Students sign up in the fall each year.  Brighton students are then partnered with a student at the school in Germany, the Börderstraße Gymnasium (Börder Street High School) in Bremen. 

    Brighton students travel as a group with chaperones to Germany where they will travel, see interesting sights, live with German host families and attend school for two weeks.  This is a unique and enriching, once in a lifetime opportunity to travel, see different places, taste delicious new foods and experience everyday life in a foreign country in a safe and protected way.

    The Brighton Exchange both travels and hosts each year.  The host partners will then travel to Brighton and stay with their American host families and attend Brighton High School for two weeks.

    We benefit from a long history and years of experience with this well-established home-to-home, school-to-school exchange and long-standing relationships with the school and it's community in Lesum near Bremen.


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