Vermont Trip for German Students

  • We are excited about our trip to the Alpine-like village of Stowe, Vermont at the Von Trapp Family Lodge.  We hope that you will agree that it will be a once-in-a lifetime memorable and enriching experience!!


    1. Who can attend?

    Any 8th grade Twelve Corners Middle School student enrolled in the German program may attend with parental permission.  We hope that all students will attend.  Students should be in good academic standing. 


    1. Why Stowe, Vermont?

      The Trapp Family Lodge and the Village of Stowe offer the opportunity to supplement our middle school German curriculum in almost every aspect.  The region itself was chosen by the Trapp Family because of its geographic similarity to their homeland in Austria.  It’s the next best thing to being there in Austria, Switzerland or Southern Germany. 


    The Von Trapp Family story lends itself to a lesson in history as well as culture.  One of the children of the Baron and Maria von Trapp themselves will speak to the children in German as much as is practical about the story of how they came to America.  There will be a video presentation available for viewing exclusively at the Trapp Family Lodge entitled “the Real Maria.” 


    A big part of the culture of the German speaking countries is music.  The eighth grade curriculum will include exposure to German classical and folk music.  The von Trapp Family made their living as a singing group and one of the family members will lead the students in a singsong.  We will take a hike up the Stowe Trail and experience the favorite pass-time of wandern (hiking) after having learned about it in our unit on sports. 


    Winter sports are an important part of the German, Austrian, Swiss and Liechtensteiner culture and Stowe is a well-known ski resort.  Schifahren (skiing) is practiced by many German speakers as it is by many of our own students.  We will visit the Stowe Ski Museum where students will see how skiing and the equipment and fashion have evolved over the years.


    Dairy farming is a major component of the Austrian and Swiss economy and ice cream is one of the favorite specialties in these countries.  To further celebrate our 7th grade Eiscafe unit, we will visit the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory where we will have to opportunity to see how this delicious treat is made and sample a cone (or two). 


    This year we are adding a “simulated” Rhine Cruise on Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont.  This will be a picturesque, afternoon cruise with light fare. In addition, students will be able to do some shopping in the Burlington “Fussgaengerzone”, or pedestrian zone.


    Finally, culture and food are always very closely intertwined.  Our meals will take place in the Trapp Family Lodge and the Austrian Tea Room in the Village of Stowe and on the Cruise on Lake Champlain.  Waitresses dressed in traditional costume will serve students and wherever possible, they will be served by German speaking waiting staff and order from German menus.  We will have the opportunity to sample some of the delicious specialties such as schnitzel, bratwurst, spätzle and more.  We will also enjoy boxed lunches on our hike in the mountains (a favorite pastime among German, Austrian and Swiss people).


    Hope you can join us!!