Earth Science

  • Welcome to the Earth Science page!

    A few things you need to know at the beginning of the year:
    This is a high school credit-bearing course.  It is accelerated.  There is more information here than you have ever had before.  Sometimes you will feel like you are drowning.  When this happens, come talk to me and we can develop your study strategies.  Students often find success once they come to me with previous tests and we can analyze the types of questions they are missing and know how to focus their study habits.  The biggest strategy that they often realize is to DO the work BEFORE the test.

    Homework is critical.  It is assigned every night and should be checked at Castle Learning BEFORE coming in to class.

    Labs are... wow.  I can't even begin to describe how important.  If you don't have enough labs on file WITH ME by the end of the year, you won't even be allowed to take the Regents Exam, and you'll have to take the course all over again next year.  Get them done, turn them in on time (the next class in most cases).

    In case you are looking for links...
    Castle Learning to check homework:



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