Physical Science

  • Welcome!  In 8th grade Physical Science we will be studying motion, forces, buoyancy, energy, work, power, machines, and waves.  There is quite a variety of content! 

    Labs are often entertaining and engaging; we toss pumpkins out of windows, ride scooters along the bus loop, shoot stomp rockets in the field, etc.  Please always remember that these are primarily designed for a learning purpose but I believe that fun is not the opposite of learning.

    Homework is assigned nightly and I expect you to complete it before coming to class.   I do not post current assignments on my website; instead check on the assignment sheet of your classroom OneNote.  Also on the assignment sheet are quizzes and tests, so please do not show up to class surprised that you have a chapter test.

    If you miss class, it is up to YOU to come in outside of class time to find out what you missed.  Either come visit during lunch, find me during a free time, or stay after school.  Generally, you will not be doing make up work during class time because you will be doing the current work in class!

    During this year, you will be taking the middle school level Science State Exam.  This is going to be in early June, with one day being a lab exam and the other day being the written exam.  We will be reviewing extensively for this, so don't worry!  You also have a cumulative final exam in just this year's content, for which you will be studying outside of class time as well as during class.


    Pitagora Suichi!  

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