Lewis and Clark Project

  • Lewis and Clark Project

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    Lewis and Clark Project


    You will create a visual presentation about the Corps of Discovery including:

    q       Pictures of Lewis, Clark & Sacajawea

    o        Short 1 paragraph biographies of each

    q       A map of North America

    q       Illustration of the route of the Lewis and Clark expedition

    o        Give dates of the expedition

    o        Identify places the expedition stopped along the way

    q       Major geographic features (mountains, rivers, plains, deserts)

    q       Include at least 10 new plant and animal discoveries & pictures or drawings for each

    q       List and describe 5 Native American groups and where they lived in the territory of the Louisiana Purchase

    q       A bibliography including all sources of information




    Video, News Cast, Skit, Song, PPT, Poster Board, Slide Show….