Infographic project

  • Infographic Website

    Click on the link and sign in with your email and password to make a free account

    1) Once you are signed in click the Pink Education box

    2) Click "Show me how it is done" and take the quick tutorial and then scroll to the bottom of the page and hit tutorial finished

    3) Click start your own design

    4) Click poster

    5) Avoid layouts and begin to create your Infographic by changing the background, adding information, and elements (shapes)

    6) Avoid anything with a price tag on it. If you use it your Infographic WILL NOT print

    7) Uploads allows you to upload photos

    -Find pictures on Google and save them to your desktop and then upload from there

    8) The file will save as your work

    9) Make sure your pictures match your information

    10) Be creative and have fun!

    Infographic Rubric








    Topic is compelling, complex and related to American government

    Topic is interesting and related to American government.

    Topic is somewhat related to American government.

    Topic is not related to American government.


    Content is accurateand factual information is abundant, thorough, rich, and compelling.

    Content is accurate and factual information is ample, and interesting.

    Content is mostly accurate or content is lacking.

    Most of the information is inaccurate or very little information is presented.


    Graphics arecreative, related tothe topic, and makeit easier tounderstand.

    Graphics are relatedto the topic and makeit easier tounderstand.

    Graphics aregenerally related tothe topic.

    Graphics do not relate to the topic.


    Makes excellent useof font, color, graphics, effects, etc. to enhance thepresentation.

    Makes good use of font, color, graphics,effects, etc. to enhance thepresentation.

    Makes some use of font, color,graphics, effects,etc. to enhance thepresentation.

    Makes little use of font, color,graphics, effects,etc. to enhancethe presentation.

    Conventions and Grammar

    The writing demonstratesthorough control of the conventions of standard English with essentially no errors, even with sophisticated language.

    The writing demonstrates partialcontrol, exhibiting reasonable errors that do not hinder comprehension.

    Frequent errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation that partially hinder comprehension.


    There are many errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation that make comprehension difficult, near to impossible.


                                                                    ____ Rubric Points                    _____ Grade            ____ Letter Grade