Unit 3 Colonization

  • Unit 3 The English Colonies
    English Colonies Research Project

     The first video focuses on getting into the notetaking document, taking notes, and accessing the digital resources. It’s here: https://youtu.be/TgpeukahDic

    The second video focuses on setting up the project in Noodletools. How to cite each type of source will differ, based on the source type. On the library website, I listed some information to help students complete the fields for the various types of resources. Here’s the video: https://youtu.be/1tdO_Zhm2n8

    Chapter 3 - History Alive!

    Chapter 4 American Nation

    Jamestown and Plymouth

    Video 1.   Click link below
    Salem Witch Trials 1692   

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    Video 2

    New Netherlands

    Unit 3 Review Video

    Quizlet Review:

      1. Watch the review video on my website 
      2. Go through all of your notes.
        1. Colonial Regions Graphic Organizer
        2. New England Colonies Notes
        3. Middle Colonies Notes
        4. Southern Colonies Notes
        5. Trade in the Colonies Notes
      3. Read through your mini-books and Life in the 13 English Colonies brochure.
      4. Complete your study tickets and review them.

    Slave Trade and The Middle Passage Videos

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      pdf Unit 3 Completed Notes (pdf file - 21.04 MB)

      xlsx Unit 3 study tickets (xlsx file - 346 KB)

      pdf American Nation Textbook Chapter 4 (pdf file - 9.88 MB)

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