• Tchoukball ( Pronounced chukeball)
    Description: Tchoukball is a team building sport created in the 70's. The creators goal was to have a game that always has its players thinking and reacting. Tchoukball is played solely with offense, and defenders are not allowed. The court is set up at a large rectangle with two half circles at either end. Within each circle there is a "frame" that appears to look like a trampoline both on a 55 degree angle away from the center of the court, which causes the ball to rebound higher than the original shot.
    The goal of the game is to shoot the ball at the frame and have it land on the ground outside of the shooting circle.
      Tchoukball Field and Frame

    - After receiving a pass players are allowed a maximum of 3 steps before they have to either shoot or  
      pass to a teammate
    - Players are not allowed in the shooting circle while taking a shot
    - Players are not allowed in the shooting circle while catching a shot
    - Non-scoring team gets possession of the ball after point is scored
    - After a team scores, the other team must begin play on same side the point was scored
          - must complete 1 pass before attempting to shoot

    Expected Learning Outcomes:
    In this unit students are expected to learn...
    Skills: passing, shooting, angle shots, jump shot, receiving, hand eye coordination,
    Knowledge: understanding a no-person to person defense, application of strategies through understanding and application of rules, understanding the different careers that can be associated with sports teams (Team Manager, Trainer, Coach, Equipment Manager, Public Relations)

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