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  • Bonjour!!!  Today you are exploring online clothes shopping in French!

    If you don't have the fill-in sheet, find it in the bottom of this link.
    updated March 2017

    1. How much is your money worth today?EURO - US$ exchange rate 

    Let's start with les grands couturiers (high-end designers)
    Look at the Google Earth Maps for Rue Faubourg-Saint-Honoré
    2. List as many French designer's stores that you find.

    Here is more affordable shopping at les grands magasins (department stores)
    Samaritaine  (fermé)  
            Galeries Lafayette     
    Plus magasins et boutiques de vêtements 
                    C & A
    H&M  (in Swiss francs)
                    Monoprix  (Prisunic formerly)

    À vous:
    3. You are getting a head start for la fête des mères en mai.
        What gift(s) are you buying for Mother's Day. You have 50€. (53 Swiss francs)

    4. You have 200 Euros (or 212 CHF (Swiss francs) for H&M)
          What do you buy? Is it for yourself or another gift? Write in French.
    5. Which French word kept appearing in your search?
    6-10. Write 5 new words that you learned today.

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