Math 8

  • Classroom Expectations and

    Course Information – Math 8


    Welcome to Math 8.  Below I have included some information about our class for you.


    1.)  Class Rule

    Ø   RESPECT: Yourself, The Staff, Your Classmates, The School Property


    2.)  Required Materials: It is important that you bring all materials to class each day

     Texas Instruments TI – 30XIIS Scientific Calculator (I have some in the classroom for you to use)

    plenty of pencils and erasers

      Folder: provided by me


    3.) Graded Assignments

    Ø  There are G assignments assigned for each investigation

    Ø  They are due the following class at the beginning of class

    Ø  I allow corrections to the G assignments up until the day of the test or the end of the marking period (depending which comes first). If students get below a 70% they are required to complete corrections.


    4.)  Quarter Grades

    Grades will be calculated based on total points.  Points will come from the following categories.

    a.) Assessments – Test and Quizzes (including Partner or Group Quizzes)

    b.) Graded Assignments- Also called G’s can be corrected

    c.) Participation- Students will be expected to work during the class period and will be given a participation grade that reflects their working with each other or independently completing an assigned task.


    5.)  Extra Help

    Please seek extra help when needed.  Please don’t wait until you are completely confused to ask for help!  You can get extra help in AIS or during 10th period if you need it.


    6.) Absences

    Any work missed due to a legal absence must be made up in a timely fashion.  It is your responsibility to obtain all work upon your return.  Work should be made up and submitted within the same number of days you were absent.


    7.) Units of Study


    Accentuate the Negative

    Thinking With Mathematical Models  

    Growing, Growing, Growing

    Looking for Pythagoras


    Graphing Calculator Work solving different types of a function