Independent Reading

  • Structured independent reading is an important part of our sixth grade curriculum.   Allowing students to choose their own books and giving them quality time to read is an important step toward exciting students about literacy.  

    An increase in the amount of time a child is reading is one of the best ways for you to:
    •    learn new vocabulary and information
    •    increase fluency and accuracy
    •    improve reading comprehension
    •    notice authors’ writing styles, which in turn helps their own writing
    •    develop a greater interest in reading and learning
    •    develop a love of reading!

    With that in mind, an important part of our classroom reading program will be  structured independent reading.  Students will be expected to bring their independent book everyday, and I will be regularly checking their progress in their book.  While students are quietly reading, I will be monitoring their reading development through individual reading conferences and whole class checks.  

    Hopefully students will find this to be a great opportunity to enjoy a good book!

    As students, your important role is to make sure you always have a book that matches your reading level and personal interests. You are welcome to choose books from our classroom or school library, borrow from a friend or the public library or choose one from your own collection. 

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