Independent Reading

  • Independent Reading Program
    Structured independent reading is an important part of our sixth-grade curriculum. Giving you quality time to read a book of YOUR choosing goes a long way toward getting you excited about literacy.  
    Why is that important?

    Increasing the amount of time spent reading can: 
    •    expand your vocabulary and knowledge base
    •    increase fluency and accuracy
    •    improve reading comprehension
    •    expose you to multiple authors’ writing styles, which in turn improves your writing
    •    lead to a greater interest in learning
    •    be a lifelong source of joy!

    With that in mind, we will spend 5-10 minutes a day
     doing structured, independent reading. You will be expected to bring your independent reading book everyday, and I will regularly monitor your progress in your book through individual reading conferences and whole-class checks.  

    Besides bringing your book, you must also make sure that you have a book that matches your reading level and personal interests. You are welcome to choose books from our classroom or school library, borrow from a friend or the public library, or choose one from your own collection. 

    Check out the "Independent Book Selection" link for great websites that will give you ideas for your next book.

    Fall into a book today!

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