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ES Class (Grades 6-8) & ES Seminar (Grades 9-12)

  • With Extended Studies Class (Grades 6-8) and Extended Studies Seminar (Grades 9-12), students who are identified as needing additional challenge meet regularly with the Extended Studies Teacher for enrichment experiences designed to enhance knowledge, habits of mind, growth mindset, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

    For each school, the options for Extended Studies Class or Seminar are listed below.

    Council Rock Primary School

    Entrance Criteria: n/a

    Exit Criteria: n/a

    Contact Person: n/a

    French Road Elementary School

    Entrance Criteria: n/a

    Exit Criteria: n/a

    Contact Person: n/a

    Twelve Corners Middle School

    • Class experiences scheduled by grade level; class includes extension and enrichment activities within a particular content area or on a topic of student interest

    Entrance Criteria:  

    Students identified as possibly gifted prior to middle school will be placed in extended studies class. Additional 6th, 7th and 8th grade students may be identified as follows:

    1. Students selected through nomination by an administrator, teacher, counselor, parent and/or self (see link below)
    2. Material collected for screening process may include:
      • Achievement test scores
      • Aptitude scores
      • Learning style inventory
      • Report cards
      • Samples of student work
      • Student interview and/or observation
    3. Decision on student selection is the collective professional judgment of the committee. General criteria for the evaluation of data:
      • 90th percentile in achievement testing
      • Above-average report card
      • Teacher recommendation
      • All factors are evaluated. Single score does not by itself determine placement.
    4. Notification about the committee's recommendation is made to parent(s).

    Exit Criteria:  Written consent from parent/guardian OR failure to meet general requirements (attendance and participation)

    Contact Person:  Christine Coyle - extended studies teacher

    Brighton High School

    • Seminar meets one class period every six-day cycle; enrichment experiences and student-directed projects based on interests. Credit: 1

    Entrance Criteria: Prior participation in Extended Studies class or nomination by teacher, counselor, or self

    Exit Criteria: Student choice or failure to meet general requirement (attendance and participation)

    Contact Person: Christine Coyle - extended studies teacher



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