Co-curricular Activities

  • With Co-curricular Activities,  school clubs and activities allow students to explore special areas of interest in academic areas, athletics, visual and performing arts, and/or leadership.  Students are welcome to explore the following opportunities:

    Council Rock Primary School

    • n/a


    French Road Elementary School

    • Math Team: A noncompetitive, after-school opportunity designed for students seeking a challenge through a variety of math problem-solving experiences.

    Entrance Criteria:  Open to all students who demonstrate an interest and aptitude in mathematics; a high level of math achievement is recommended.

    Exit Criteria:  n/a

    Contact Person:  Colleen Coggins - principal


    • Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Intramurals for 4th and 5th grade

    Entrance/Exit Criteria:  n/a

    Contact Person:  Music or PE teachers

    Review school communications for other co-curricular opportunities that are offered in particular school years.


    Twelve Corners Middle School

    • Band, Orchestra, Chorus and select Music Groups
    • Modified Sports
    • Student Council
    • Over 25 clubs and activities (see TCMS website) 
       Entrance/Exit Criteria:  n/a
       Contact Person:  TCMS Music Department; Club Advisor(s) or Chaun Brooks - Assistant Principal


    Brighton High School

    Entrance/Exit Criteria:   n/a

    Contacts:  Tracie Glazer - Director of VPA and Instructional Tech; Director of Athletics; or Tom Hall - Principal



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