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  BHS believes that everyone has the right to attend school in an environment that is safe, welcoming, caring, professional, and free from harassment.

This form is just one of many ways that students can report alleged incidents of bullying (physical/verbal), harassment, sexual harassment/assault, discrimination, mistreatment, abuse, threats (threatening statements, comments, social media posts, etc.), theft, vaping/drug or alcohol violations, and/or concerns for another student’s mental health and/or well-being. Violations can take place face to face, in writing, through third parties, and/or via social media.

School policy prohibits discrimination against students by students and/or employees on school property or at a school function based upon a person’s actual or perceived, color, weight (physical appearance), disability (physical, intellectual), ethnic group, national origin, race, sexual orientation, sex, gender (including gender identity or expression/transgender), religion and/or religious practice, socio-economic status, and/or academic status.

If you ever feel that you are a victim or if you witness or obtain knowledge of a possible offense and/or are mistreated by another student(s) or staff member, there are several things you can do to report the incident and receive resolution to a concern. It is the responsibility of ALL BHS students and staff/faculty to report incidents of possible harassment, discrimination, mistreatment, threats, theft, drug/alcohol violations, and/or Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) violations.

 You can do this in person by talking to a school administrator/staff member, by
completing the Reporting Form, and/or by anonymous call to the District’s Safe Schools
Hotline, and/or by e-mail.

 If you are comfortable and where appropriate, speak to the offending student/staff
member yourself and see if you can resolve the issue yourself. If you are
uncomfortable or are not sure how to handle the issue, you can do one or more of the

o Seek out a trusted staff member, counselor, or administrator for assistance;

o Talk to your parents about the incident and seek their advice;

o E-mail your concerns to a counselor or administrator;


 Dr. Hall is the DASA coordinator for BHS.

o Seek out a trusted friend or member of a club/advisor of a club you are
comfortable talking to about the concern and then share the concern with a
trusted staff member, counselor, or administrator for assistance;

o Complete an “If You See Something, Say Something” Reporting Form online or
pick up a form in the main office, attendance office, or counseling office,
and submit form directly to the principal, director of security, or to the
Main Office Mail Room box labeled, “BHS Student Incident Reports.”

o Call, text, or e-mail the Safe Schools Hotline
1-800-418-6423 ext. 359

 You may also submit an anonymous report through the Safe School website at

 Text message 66746 and then type “TIPS” to begin the reporting process

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