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    2016-17 Brighton High School Faculty and Staff

    Welcome to Brighton High School!

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    Dr. Thomas Hall, BHS Principal                                                      


    1150 Winton Road South 

    Rochester, NY 14618



    BHS Administration

    Matt Comeau


    Assistant Principal


    Students A-G

    242-5000 ext. 5003

    Teresa Mosher


    Assistant Principal 


    Students F-Leone

    242-5000 ext. 5507

    Sarah Jacob


    Assistant Principal


    Students Lerner-R

    242-5000 ext. 5005

    Mike Pincelli


    Assistant Principal  


    Students S-Z

    242-5000 ext. 5220

    BHS principals  

    Matt Comeau, Sarah Jacob, Tom Hall, Teresa Mosher, and Mike Pincelli


    BHS Counselor Assignments 242-5000 ext. 5010


    Kevin Donohue

    Keri Crowley

    Courtney Stern

    Jennie Viggiani

    Hennessey Lustica

    Holly Juliano

    9th Grade Class of 2022

    Abu-Baker – Darrow

    Day – Karpinski


    Katz – Minor

    Moore – Silvio

    Slanica – Zogaaan

    10th grade Class of 2021

    A – Chin

    Choi – Ghassat

    Goldstein – Labuhn

    Lalonde – Minerva

    Mohammad – Shafer

    Sherwood - Z

    11th grade Class of 2020

    A – Diaz

    Dickason – Hunt

    Hurwitz – Macadam

    Mackinnon – O'Mara

    Padela – Smith

    Sneider – Z

    12th grade Class of 2019

    A – Dilts

    Dirrigl – Kesler

    Kil – McGuire

    McKenna – Rapp

    Raynor – Teng

    Tickyj – Z


    242-5000 ext. 5223

    242-5000 ext. 5225

    242-5000 ext. 5224

    242-5000 ext. 5221

    242-5000 ext. 5228

    242-5000 ext. 5227


    BHS Counseling Staff

    Kevin Donohue (back row), Teresa Mosher, Ida Marra, Lance Mitchell,  Heather Gabriel (middle row), Holly Juliano, Hennessey Lustica, Jennie Viggiani, Keri Crowley (front row), Courtney Stern, Lisa Wetherbee, and Erin Merydith


    Main Office Staff and Registrars


    Maryellen Schultz, Lori Minnehan, Kim Mallon, Amy Enis, Josie Leyens, Maureen Sinsebox


    Link Crew 2017-2018 Link Crew 2017-2018

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