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    Late Arrival/Early Dismissal Form Spring 2020-2021 

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    Parent Student Handbook 2020-2021

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     Direct Link to the Parent/Student Portal

    Please sign up for the Parent/Student Portal to have access to your child’s course grades, running averages, updated schedule, attendance record, and report cards.  Here is the direct link to the Parent/Student Portal system: https://schooltool.bcsd.org/schooltool/

    Late Arrival/Early Dismissal - Spring, 2021
    Spring semester begins on February 1.  If you have academic study hall first period or free periods at the beginning or end of the day, please return this form as soon as possible so you can arrive late or leave early spring semester.  Hard copies of the form are also available in the main office, the attendance and the gym. 
    We need a new form for second semester, even if your schedule is not changing! 




    Brighton High School Faculty and Staff

    Welcome to Brighton High School!

    Dr. Thomas Hall, BHS Principal                                                      


    1150 Winton Road South 

    Rochester, NY 14618

    585-242-5000 ext. 4500


    BHS Administration - Click here for Administrative Responsibilities 20-21

    Matt Comeau


    Assistant Principal


    Students A-G

    242-5000 ext. 4501

    Teresa Mosher


    Assistant Principal 


    Students H-O

    242-5000 ext. 4503

    Betsy Balling


    Assistant Principal


    Students P-Z 

    242-5000 ext. 4502



    BHS Counselor Assignments 242-5000 ext. 4803



    Kevin Donohue

    Keri Crowley

    Courtney Stern

    Jennie Viggiani

    Travis Figuero

    Holly  Juliano

    9th Grade

    Class of 2023

    A - Dwulit

    Ellickson - Joselson

    Kamm - Martinovich

    Mastrangelo - Pullin

    Quinlan - Starling

    Stewart - Z

    10th Grade

    Class of


    Abdeldayem - Davis

    Dawe - Heveron

    Hilger - Kotrides

    Labuhn - Moiz

    Monickaraj - Singh

    Sloan - Z

    11th Grade

    Class of


    A – Darrow

    Day - Karpinski


    Katz - Minor

    Moore - Silvio

    Slanika - Z

    12th Grade

    Class of


    A – Chin

    Choi - Ghassat

    Goldstein - Labuhn

    Lalonde - Minerva

    Mohammad - Shafer

    Shumuye – Z


    242-5000 ext. 4528

    242-5000 ext. 4530

    242-5000 ext. 4529

    242-5000 ext. 4527

    242-5000 ext. 4532

    242-5000 ext. 4531

    Julie Bianchi – Alternative High School Counselor, 242-5000 ext. 4536

    Kristen Haughey – Licensed Mental Health Counselor, 242-5000 ext. 4537

    Dr. Erin Merydith – School Psychologist, 242-5000 ext. 4533

    Heather Gabriel – School Psychologist, 242-5000 ext. 4534

    Lance Mitchell – Social Worker, 242-5000 ext. 4535  


    Link Crew 2017-2018 Link Crew 

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