Program of Studies & Elective Videos

  • Our "Program of Studies Handbook" is provided for your use in planning your academic program. Included is information regarding graduation and sequence requirements. Because the New York State Education Department is in the middle of making several changes in the requirements for graduation, we ask you to pay special attention to announcements of changes throughout the year.


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    An important part of the course selection process involves careful and frequent communication between counselors, parents and you. Your counselor can provide you with information regarding each of the courses, prerequisites and future career application. Your parents can help guide you with respect to time management and personal interests. Feel free to consult with the faculty regarding the requirements of specific courses.

    The Brighton High School faculty is proud of the rich and diverse offerings available to you. We encourage you to look toward challenging courses designed to prepare you to meet the high expectations of college and career. It is important that you take advantage of the many opportunities available. Admissions officers and employers regularly tell us they put great importance on how well students have challenged themselves in the programs they select.

    As you work through this process, please feel free to ask questions of the professional staff. Your parents are encouraged to give the counselors a call at any point to discuss questions.