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  • Dear Members of the Brighton School Community,

    I hope that this note finds you well and having enjoyed a great start to the school year. As the first quarter winds down, we couldn’t be more excited about the work we’re engaged in and the challenges ahead.

    The District remains focused on clear priorities in our work. Our planning, study, and action steps are broken down into four areas:

    1. Systems for Support and Growth: This area encompasses work in safety, capital project, and budget areas.
    2. Mental Health and Wellness: This area includes planning to better support and improve the mental health and wellness of our school community.
    3. Academic Rigor for All Students: This area is focused on teaching and learning. We will continue to review and develop curriculum and strategies that provide every child with both challenge and support while being ever more culturally responsive.
    4. Diversity and Equity: We will continue the work of improving the equity for all stakeholders in our environment. Our focus is on the development of a more diverse staff, improving family engagement, and understanding the potential for, or reality of, inequity in the special education area.

    We are proud of the way that these plans are developed each year with over 50 staff and community members involved. We appreciate the idea that our plans are focused, regularly reported on at Board of Education meetings, and are a part of the regular, everyday work of the District. Simply put, these plans are not in a dusty binder, but living, breathing action plans that drive us to continuously improve our work.

    Beyond the plans and at the core of everything we do is a new motto that the District has adopted: Every child, every day, every way.

    These simple but powerful words came about as a result of the Blueprint Team planning this summer and our goal to find a succinct, focused way to describe who we are and what we’re about. It’s not complicated. It is absolutely about focusing on the needs of every child in our care, every single day we work with them, and in every way that we can.

    As always, thank you for trusting us with your very best and with the most important work in their lives. We deeply appreciate the opportunity to care for your children as our own and look forward to your partnership throughout the year.

    Kevin McGowan, Ed.D.

    Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Kevin McGowan
  • Contact Dr. McGowan at 242-5200 Ext. 5502 or by email.