Acheivement Centered Education - Mrs. Vanstrom and Mrs. Fitzgerald

  • We each teach classes within the ACE program.  We have a link on the side toolbar to take you to the website for that course.  We add our classnotes to each website on a regular basis.  The homework for each class will also be updated regulary on the website as well as posted in our classroom.

    We are often available after school one day a week.  This availability is shown on the website calendar in addition to being posted in our classroom.

    The grading for each course within the ACE classroom is made up of the following components:

    • Applied Practice
    • Assessments
    • Independent Practice
    • Class Participation
    • Notebook Checks

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 

    Shelley Fitzgerald ( 242-5000 ext. 1025 (to leave a voicemail)

    Erin Vanstrom-Sheldon ( 242-5000 ext. 1091 (to leave a voicemail)

    Karl Dobosz ( 242-5000 ext. 1019 (to leave a voicemail)

    Rita Kladstrup ( 242-5000 ext. 1046 (to leave a voicemail)

    Timothy Mashewske (  242-5000 ext. 1053 (to leave a voicemail)

    Alexis Baranowski ( 242-5000 ext. 1442 (to leave a voicemail)


    ACE Teaching Staff

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