AP Exam Information


    AP Exams will take place May 6-17, 2024. AP Exam fees are $98 per exam and are due by December 1, 2023. 

    Students enroll in AP Classroom in the beginning of the year in their AP class, which essentially orders an exam for them. Any exam ordered after the November 15th deadline will incur a $40 late fee. To prevent being charged a late fee, please make sure your student is enrolled in AP Classroom for their respective AP courses. 


    • To pay by check, complete the order form (link below) and return with check (made payable to BCSD) to the BHS Counseling Office. 


    • If you have already applied and been approved for Free/Reduced Lunch, AP exam fees are $20 per examComplete the order form (link below) and consent form (link below) and return with a check (payable to BCSD) to the Counseling OfficeReduced exam fees cannot be paid online. Please note, Free/Reduced Lunch applications must be completed each year. Even if your child does not eat school lunch, students who qualify for free lunch also can receive other benefits such as: 

      • Access to future P-EBT benefits if they become available
      • Discounts for your family on utilities and internet service
      • Reduced fees for SAT/ACT tests and college applications
      • Reduced fees for AP Exams
      • Scholarships for the EMCC Program


    If you have any questions regarding AP exams, please email Ashley Edwards at ashley_edwards@bcsd.org.

    If you have any questions regarding AP Exam fees, please email Sandy Hellman at sandy_hellman@bcsd.org. 


    Thank you, 


    Ashley C. Edwards 

    BHS Assistant Principal 

    AP Exam Coordinator 


    AP Exam Order Form

    Consent Form (for Reduced Exam Fees)

    Free and Reduced Lunch Application



    AP Exam Dates





    Click here - What students should bring to the exam  




    Advanced Placement (AP) courses are recommended for students who have enjoyed previous courses of the same or similar discipline and/or who are interested in taking an introductory college-level course.  After a year of rigorous college-level instruction and preparation, the expectation is that students will take the corresponding AP EXAM to complete the college-level experience.  Most BHS students take and do very well on the corresponding AP exam.

    Regardless, AP exams are not used in calculating your course average and AP courses cannot be taken as a pass/not pass course. In addition to getting college-level course experience by taking an AP EXAM, students performing well on the AP EXAM may earn college-level credit, be exempt from certain college course requirements, and/or be accelerated into the next level of course at the college level.

    AP exams are administered in May of each school year.  The final score for each AP Exam is reported on a 5-point scale that offers a recommendation about how qualified you are to receive college credit and placement—but each college makes its own decisions for which scores it will grant credit or placement.



    You, the college, or university you designated in “My AP” when registering, and educators in your school and district, including your AP teachers, will automatically receive your scores once they’re released. AP scores are only sent to colleges if you choose to do so.


    AP Exam Fees

    The fee for each exam (set by the Education Testing Service) for the 2023- 2024 academic year is $98 per exam.  FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE is available for students.  See your counselor or the assistant principal overseeing AP exams for more details.  The process is easy, and we can help you!

    Timeline for ordering, paying for, and taking AP exams:

    • By October 15th – students must login and enroll in AP Classroom for their respective AP courses
    • December 1st – final payments for AP exams are due from students
    • November 15th – AP exams are ordered (exams cancelled after Nov. 15th incur a $40 cancellation fee)
    • May 6th-17th: AP exams take place at BHS and Central Office


    For the BENEFITS of taking an AP COURSE, follow this link:  https://bit.ly/3b7Q3yT

    Additionally, see screenshot below.




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