Clubs at Brighton High School

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    PTSA offers grant opportunities for students needing assistance paying for a variety of BHS school related activities.  Click on the link above to get assistance and see your school counselor.  We can certainly help with most requests!


    Brighton High School has a wide variety of clubs. With all of these choices students have a plentiful range of opportunities to get involved. If students still can't find the right club for them they have the option to establish a new club.

    The student government at BHS consists of a council for each class and an Executive Student Council.  The advisors for each of these councils are listed below. 


    Class Advisors--Class of 2024       Kevin Donohue/ Eric Morris

    Class Advisors--Class of 2023       Alexis Baranowski and Kerri O'Shea

    Class Advisors--Class of 2022       Suzanne Crowley and Rachel Rivera

    Class Advisors--Class of 2025       Erin Merydith and Meghan Gibbons 


    Executive Student Council             Anna Holcomb and Lindsey Morris          


    For a complete list of clubs please click on the BHS Extracurricular Activities and Club List below.  Any additional questions can be directed to, BHS Assistant Principal. 

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