• Our Mission                                            

    The Brighton Teacher Center exists to provide professional growth opportunities for the teachers and other school staff in our district so that they may expand their knowledge about educating children and enhance their skills and classroom practices. Our center strongly believes that the outstanding student achievement in our district is tied to a teaching staff that is well educated, professionally current and innovative.

    This center believes that what we want for our children’s education, we should provide for in teacher learning opportunities. Our teachers and staff are lifelong learners who embrace learning as an essential element of our community.

    The Teacher Center provides programming in conjunction with the Brighton Central School District's Professional Development Plan. The district's staff development goals center on reaching ALL students as they strive to achieve the new standards and requirements. Our goals are to improve the staff's capabilities to deal with the diverse student population of learners. The Professional Development Plan emphasizes these areas of focus:


    Ø      Improving Instructional Repertoire  

    Ø      Understanding Student Characteristics

    Ø      Expanding Academic Content

    Ø      Teaching Mentoring Expertise