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  • Welcome to 7th grade HEALTH! Please click assignment information below...  Scroll down to bottom of page for powerpoints or access on the left side of the page.


    Who Am I                                                                               


    Health Triangle Goals       in class assignment                         


    Target Heart Rate for "Rocky"    in class assignment            


     PHYSICAL HEALTH QUIZ          3/12/19 and 3/13/19                                                                               

    Review Target heart rate formula/benefits,  FITT principle, components of fitness and influences of your health. Review ppt #1 and #2 Intro to health and wellness


           3/14 and 3/15:  if you missed class Please  watch "My Digital Life" on Safari Montage. 

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    Nutrition assignment:

    Watch Nutrition label intro

    Goto Food calculator

    Documents for on each :

    Instructions    unhealthy menu    your menu





    Go to Class powerpoints .  Select communicating effectively and conflict ppt.  Also, review class guided notes.  click here for notes



    Community Service:                   

    FINAL 3 hours completed and form signed Due by



    Mental Health Project 

    Goto TCMS Library research section (Health 7) or click here research page

    Download the notes template to take your notes. CLICK HERE

    Share your document with your partner.

    SOURCES:  PICK TWO OF THESE... Choose from the pre approved books in our classroom, the data base (Teen Health and Wellness ) and/or pick one of the 4 websites on the library health 7 research page.