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  • Welcome to 7th grade HEALTH! Please click assignment information below...  Scroll down to bottom of page for powerpoints or access on the left side of the page.


    Who Am I                                                                                Due:  A day) 9/7      B day) 9/12


    Health Triangle Goals       in class assignment                         


    Target Heart Rate for "Rocky"    in class assignment            


    Class work:       

    if not finished in class............                                                                        

     Watch Nutrition label intro

    Goto Food calculator

    Documents for on each :

    Instructions    unhealthy menu    your menu


     PHYSICAL HEALTH QUIZ                                                                                         

    Study SMART goals, Responsible decision making model, Influences on our health.  Also all Physical health: Target heart rate formula, FITT principle, nutrition labels. You can review class powerpoint below, then goto ppt #1 and #2 Intro to health and wellness



    Day 5, December 17th and Day 6, December 18th. Go to Class powerpoints .  Select communicating effectively and conflict ppt.  Also, review class guided notes.  click here for notes



    Community Service:                    PART 1 DUE :   PAST DUE

                                      This is a check in (student needs to have a PLAN signed by parents) 

                                                          PART 2  DUE:   A) 1/24 and B) 1/23

                                             FINAL 3 hours completed and form signed 



    Mental Health Project 

    Goto TCMS Library research section (Health 7) or click here research page

    Use this template to take your notes. project template

    SOURCES:  PICK TWO OF THESE... Choose from the pre approved books in our classroom, the data base (Teen Health and Wellness ) and/or pick one of the 3 websites on the library health 7 research page.