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  • Eighth Graders: How does the pattern of change for a linear relationship show up in a table, graph, and an equation of the relationship?


    Algebra: How can you identify an exponential equation from the table, graph, and equation?


    This website can be used by students and their parents in Math 8 and Algebra Honors.  The math curriculum at Twelve Corners Middle School is very challenging. Students and parents can use this website for additional math resources, homework, polls, and feedback. The eighth grade students are going to have a challenging year. They will learn how linear functions work and make comparisons to other non-linear functions. The algebra students will have a challenging year as this is their first high school course.  Algebra students will experience thier firsr common core regents in June and using the technology of the NSpire CX graphing calculator.  I look forward to working with the students this year.


     Please take time and look through the information I have set up at this website. I will update the homework on a daily basis for each of the classes I teach.  Let me know of improvements I can make on this website by clicking on Feedback. This website will continue to be a work in progress.