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  • 6th Grade:

    In 6th grade students learn about the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome, Medievel Europe, and the geography of Asia. Georgraphy and mapping skills are also stressed.

    7th Grade:

    7th grade is the first year of a two year course in American history. The first unit of study is "Native Americans", the original inhabitants of this country before the coming of Europeans. The last unit in this grade is "Manifest Destiny", the movement to and settlement of the west.

    8th Grade:

    8th grade picks up where 7th grade left off. The first unit of study is "Sectionalism", which explores the divisions between different regions of the United States. The 8th grade year ends with a unit on "Modern Times" in which students study the post Vietnam War era.


    Click on any of the units listed on the left of this page. In each unit there will be links to other websites, articles relating to the topic, or both. These are intended to supplement the normal course curriculum. Some of the articles are from newspapers, magazines, or even books. Some of the files are large and may take a while to download.

6th Grade:  Ancient Civilizations
7th Grade:  The American Revolution
8th Grade:  The Great Depression