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    Seventh-Grade Social Studies

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    Seventh-Grade Social Studies






    Seventh-Grade Social Studies





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    Unit 1 Native American Test Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/_1kh95x


    Unit Two Test: Exploration Quizlet:



    Causes of American Revolution Quizlet:



    Unit 8 Manifest Destiny Test Quizlet



    Unit 9 Causes Civil war Quizlet:







    Final Exam Quizlet




    Units of Study

    Seventh-Grade Social Studies

    Unit I Two Worlds Collide – Europeans come into contact with Native American cultures in the New World and begin to colonize.

    Unit II The English Colonies – The English set up thirteen colonies along the Atlantic coast of North America to enhance their mercantile interests.

    Unit III Causes of the American Revolution – Tensions grow between the American colonies and Britain following the French and Indian War.

    Unit IV The American Revolution – The United States wins independence from Britain.

    Unit V American Government – The United States Constitution creates a limited government.

    Unit VI The New Nation – The United States economy grows as its borders stretch beyond the Mississippi River.

    Unit VII Causes of the American Civil War – Sectionalism, slavery and states rights issues threaten to tear the nation in two.

    Unit VIII The American Civil War – Union forces battle the Confederacy to rejoin the United States.






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