Physical Education and Athletic Information


    Twelve Corners Middle School Physical 

    Education Information Sheet

    You must be on time for class, or come with a pass.



    Gymnasium attire consists of the following: T-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts, sweatpants, white socks and sneakers.  All items that you bring for Physical Education should have your name clearly marked on them.

    * Food and gum are not allowed in the locker room or gymnasium.

    * You will be asked to remove any jewelry that is potentially unsafe.

    * Please do not bring valuables to class.

    It is your responsibility to lock up all items you bring to the Locker Room.

    * It is your responsibility to have warm clothing available for outside use.

    Washing up after class is recommended.  You may wish to bring in a face cloth and a deodorant stick to use for this purpose.  Students should be showering daily.  If you are having any health problems, please feel free to see any one of us.

    To be excused from class, you must have a note. Notes are accepted from a doctor, parent, or the school nurse.   If you develop a problem in school, see your teacher first, the teacher will send you to the nurse.




    Intramural activities are available for any student interested in game situations, extra practice time, and /or fun. They are held after school- Beginning in October.  



    Physical Education Units

    Each PE teacher will rotate the units during the semester


    Flag Football


    Ultimate Frisbee




    Personal Best Days




    Wrestling / Yoga


    Volleyball / Bowling


    Pickle ball




    Floor Hockey












     Smash Ball / Spike Ball



    Interscholastic Sports are available to all 7th and 8th grade students:












    Fall                  Girls     Cross Country, Soccer and Cheerleading, Volleyball

    Boys     Football, Soccer, Cross Country and Volleyball


    Winter             Girls     Basketball, Swimming and Cheerleading

    Boys     Wrestling, Basketball and Swimming




    Spring  Girls     Field Hockey, Softball, Track & Field and Lacrosse


     Boys     Lacrosse, Modified Baseball and Track & Field











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