• FACS 8

    Today we will watch three video.  You may take notes as you watch these videos.

    The information in these videos will continue our learning in Foods Labs specifically; baking.

    With the time left in class, take the quizzes in Schoology.  They are in the Red Folder, with today's date.  If you do not complete the quizzes in class , then you will need to finish for homework.

    They will NOT be accepted late. Quizzes are one attempt and open until 9pm today.

    Video #1

    Video #2 

    Video #3


    FACS 7

    Today you will continue to do work on your Career Cluster Presentations.  Remember to see the schoology folder for links, resources and examples. Be sure you follow the rubric to the project.  Your projects are due tomorrow.  If you are done and would like to peer edit, share your project via your laptop and follow along. This is the link to the schoology folder