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    Obama Biden’s Victory      
    By Kabir RastogiSean Tyrrell • Yohan Sequeirav

    Obama and Biden’s landslide! Obama won by a landslide of electoral votes. But let’s hear from teachers of TCMS about if they are happy about Obama’s win and their thoughts about it. We will also ask them questions about Obama’s plan for the future and if they want change!

    How do you feel about the war in Iraq?

    Mrs. Maas thinks that we should bring back the troops in Iraq and that many Iraqi’s don’t really want us there.

    Mrs. Rauh says “That she is happy that Obama has some sort of to withdraw troops, but she thinks that he should not act immediately.”

    How do you feel about the education plan?

    Mr. Malloy says, “That he likes the pre kindergarten plan, but thinks that paying teachers for their grades might be bad. This is because teachers that teach kids that are ahead of the class will get more money than teachers that teach kids that are behind.”

      The Mock Election Results

    76% of the school voted Obama

    17% of the school voted McCain

    7% of the school voted Other

    Congrats Barrack Obama!