Welcome to our Team 6-2 Webpage!

  • Welcome!
    We're so excited to have you on our team this year!

    Our team site includes the email addresses for all the teachers on our team. Some of the teachers also have a website, and links to those pages are at the bottom of the page. Daily homework will not be posted here, but may be posted on the teachers' individual sites at the bottom.  Many of our team's longterm assignments, tests and project due dates will be posted on the site's calendar as well as other dates to note. 

    The best way to reach us is through e-mail:

    Mrs. Rauh: Science and Social Studies
    Email: Robin_Rauh@bcsd.org

    Mr. Winslow:  Math and Social Studies
    Email:  Rob_Winslow@bcsd.org

    Mrs. Debay:  Language Arts
    Email:  Amy_Debay@bcsd.org

    Mr. Lian: Math and Social Studies
    Email: Stephen_Lian@bcsd.org

    Mrs. Callard:  Math
    Email: CCallard@Warner.Rochester.edu

    Mrs. Keys:  Social Studies
    Email: Annemarie_Keys@bcsd.org

    Ms. Price:  Social Studies, Math and Language Arts
    Email:  Carol_Price@bcsd.org

    Mrs. Kerr:  Science
    Email:  Eileen_Kerr@bcsd.org