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    We are so excited for another great year of PE at French Road. Let's work together to help our children have a safe, healthy, and fun experience!

    Dress for Success!

    Physical Education classes meet four days out of the 6 day cycle. Please help your children plan to participate fully in PE. Remind them to wear their sneakers to school, or bring them in their school bags so they can change their shoes before coming down to the gym for class. NO crocs, heelies, keens, sandals, flip-flop or boots.

    We strongly encourage students to be dressed appropriately for movement and to participate safely including wearing socks with their sneakers, and girls that choose to wear dresses or skirts should wear shorts underneath their clothing. Some classes are held outside so sweatshirts or jackets could be necessary.

    *The Physical Education Curriculum at French Road Elementary School is aligned with the New York State PE and Health Standards, and the AAPHERD National Standards for learning. We believe that actively engaging our children in sufficient amounts of physical activity is critical in improving and maintaining their physical health and well-being.  Our goal is to make physical education an exciting, positive, fun, challenging, and educational experience for all students. We encourage our children to apply skills and knowledge they acquire during class and to seek opportunities to be active outside of school as part of a healthy lifestyle.

    Thank you! Let's have a fantastic year!

    Mr. Rick LaPaglia

    Mr.  Mark Salerno

    Mrs. Krystal Forsyth


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