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  • French Road Elementary School continues to evolve and refine the instructional learning environment. FRES continues to leverage 21st century tools and skills into the teaching and learning process, creating an efficient and dynamic experience for all learners.

    Home Page
    Use this Home Page as a platform to find other valuable resources and information regarding instructional technology at FRES.  There are several links on the left side of this page for your use.

    Student Resources
    I highly recommend utilizing the Student Resources section (left side) of this website as most of the FRES subject area curriculum maps are copied into the various grade-level sections.  Associated with many content units are website resources designed to answer Essential Questions and address Target and/or Content Skills. Students, parents, and teachers will find this amazingly helpful and targeted for a variety of projects, test preparation, extended learning, etc.

    My Links
    Do not forget about My Links where many commonly used sites are posted for in-school and out-of-school use.

    Instructional Technology Tools at FRES
    If you would like to learn more about some of the instructional tools in use around FRES, click on Instructional Technology Videos to be directed to a menu of videos available for your review.

    • Please note: Consider this site is always under development and will be updated over time.
    • Use the links to the left to navigate to other desired resources.  
    • The link below will provide excellent information to French Road's instructional technology.

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