Health Education

  •  H e a l t h    E d u c a t i o n 

    Janice Mix 

    1x in a 6 day cycle, 30 min class 

    Brighton Central Schools feels that the family is the primary health educator, and we assist each student attaining his/her optimal physical, mental emotional and social well-being.  Due to the nature of the ever-changing issues facing children today, our Health Education program is a prevention-based program.  We teach students to be better informed about a wide variety of topics pertinent to their age and development.  As students become more knowledgeable about issue, they also need to develop good decision making skills and other skills so they can make choices consistent with the community as well with their family beliefs and values. 

    We cover these topics:

    First Aid (Check, Call, Care)

    Nutrition (My Plate, Portions, Food Groups, Nutrition Labels, Portion Size)

    Fitness (Importance, Types of Exercise, Effects on Body)

    Body Systems; Growth Cycle (Body Systems i.e., Skeletal etc…  Growth Cycle: Infancy – Adulthood)

    Substance Abuse (Tobacco, Alcohol, Medicine)

    Emotional Health (Qualities of Friends, Bullying, Different types of Feeling, Expressing Emotions)

    Illness Prevention & Hygiene (Hand washing; Good Hygiene, Germ Prevention, HIV/ Aids Definition)

    Environmental Health (Bike, Fire, Water, Car Safety, Buddy System)

    We teach these skills:


    Decision Making


    Stress Coping Strategies


    Here’s a great website with video clips and activities for your child.  I think you’ll like what you see and hear!