About Council Rock Primary School

  • Welcome to Council Rock Primary School! We are excited for you to learn more about us. We love to work with our youngest learners as they begin their education, building a foundation for their future. Our hope for each Council Rock student is to instill confidence and a love of school and learning while providing opportunities for them to explore and learn how they fit into a larger community.

    While we emphasize cooperation and foster a spirit of community, we also value each student for the unique qualities they possess. Children of differing abilities, talents, interests and backgrounds enjoy working and playing together. They explore, manipulate, and create in a safe, nurturing environment.

    We value our partnership with parents! Many opportunities exist to have your voices heard as we lay the groundwork for success for our smallest citizens to learn grow and blossom. We welcome parents to visit for lunch with their child, volunteer in their classroom or participate on a committee. All are rewarding experiences.

    Last, but certainly not least, we value regular communication with our families. This happens through classroom newsletters, teacher and school webpages, report cards, conferences, the Council Rock Reporter, email and enews.

    Together, we can make a huge difference for our Council Rock students! We look forward to your partnership.

    Matt Tappon 

    Council Rock Primary School
    600 Grosvenor Road
    Rochester, NY 14610
    (585) 242-5170 
    Fax: 585-242-5186