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    Hello from the Council Rock Primary School Library!


    It has been terrific seeing the students again!  I love the smiles I see remotely, and the shining eyes of our hybrid students.  I hope they can sense the smile beneath my mask 😊  


    Things sure are different this year!  This letter will give you an idea of what to expect from Library class.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out:  adele_mockevicius@bcsd.org



    • Instead of kids coming to Library, I’ll be coming to them!

    • We meet once per cycle (depending on their cohort) for a fun half hour Library lesson

    • Students will choose books from a cart with a wide variety, chosen by library staff

      • K will take one book

      • 1st graders are allowed two books

      • 2nd graders may take three

    • Kids can exchange their books for new ones in two ways:

      • By bringing the books on their next Library day

      • When their teacher allows during our Open Library Time (mornings and afternoons)



    • Instead of kids coming to Library, I will Zoom in to them!

    • We meet once per cycle for half an hour (Classroom teachers shared this link with you.)

    • During the lesson, I may direct kids to Seesaw for some fun stuff.  You will find the message:

      • In Student Seesaw app

        • In the Library classroom tab

          • In the Inbox

        • Students do not need to leave the Zoom to go into Seesaw



    • Wednesdays, I will put something into Seesaw for the kids, if their class is regularly scheduled for that cycle day. It’s up to the teachers whether or not to send kids to look at a particular time.


    I’m looking forward to a creative, wonderful year of sharing!

    Again – if you have any questions/concerns/anything, please get in touch:  adele_mockevicius@bcsd.org

    😊 Ms. Mockevicius





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    Grace Lin Visit!