Welcome to the CRPS Health Office

  • The supervision of the child's health needs in school is the responsibility of all school personnel. Its success depends upon a coordinated effort including the leadership of the school physician and school health staff, as well as the valued assistance, input, and cooperation of administrative and teaching staff. The health program, which must deal with the student as a total person, has as its primary goal the promotion of health in youngsters and young adults.

    The nurse at Council Rock, Ms. DuBois, continually supervise student's health and safety, administer first aid, medications, TLC, and care for ill and injured students and faculty.

    Hours & Phone Numbers

    The Health Office is covered from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on school days. Our direct line is (585) 242-5170 x1801. For attendance purposes call (585) 242-5170 x1520. The Health Office fax number is (585) 242-5201. If you would like to send an e-mail message, our office checks its email at least once a day. Send your messages to julie_dubois@bcsd.org.


    The Health Office may dispense prescribed medication to a student if we have a doctor's order, the medication is in its original bottle and a note from the parent giving permission. The medication must be brought to school and dropped off by an adult. Any remaining medication may not be sent home with the child. Many pharmacies will give a labeled bottle to be used in school.


    NYS Education Department requires an annual physical examination for new entrants, students entering grades K,2,4,7,10, sports, working permits and triennially, for the Committee on Special Education (CSE).  This exam complies with NYSED requirements and is valid for one year through the last day of the month.  A physical form will be sent home in the June report card for each student in first grade. Please have it filled out by your physician and returned to school as soon as possible. The form may be faxed to Council Rock at (585) 242-5201. If you need a form, you may call the Health Office at (585) 242-5170 x5181 and it will be sent home with your child. We use the Monroe County physical form and each pediatrician's office should have a copy.

    Failure to comply with this state requirement could result in exclusion of your child from school.

    Updating Records

    It is important that our office be kept abreast of address and phone number changes. Our firm belief is that children belong in school, but there are times when parents need to be contacted. When a child becomes ill (fever over 100 or vomiting etc) or injured, it is our responsibility to contact parents. This becomes very difficult when we have outdated information. The new information may be sent in by a note, phone call, fax, or sent to me by e-mail.

    It is important to contact the nurse if your child has any health problems. Please note that for your child's protection, certain serious medical conditions, such as diabetes, seizure disorder and servere allergies are made known in a confidential manner to appropriate faculty and staff members on a need to know basis and the transportation director. This will ensure that these individuals can properly respond in the event of a medical emergency.


    There are many factors that contribute to your child's school success. Messages about the importance of school are clear to children when their parents make sure they have enough sleep, proper nutrition, needed supplies and are at school on time. One area that is particularly "visible" to children is that of attendance.Children need to be in school in order to benefit from all facets of the educational experience. Parents whose children experience frequent illness are asked to work with school personnel to develop a plan that supports continued learning. For children who are illegally absent and/or tardy, we ask that parents consider the lessons that your children are learning about being organized, responsible, prepared for work and being on time.As part of the school's effort to support good habits and positive attitudes, student attendance is monitored on a regular basis. We notify parents in writing in January and again in June if there appears to be excessive illegal absenteeism or tardiness.Should you receive such a letter, please know that our intent is to support you, as parents by letting you know what your child's attendance record is. I know there may be times when circumstances beyond your control will result in illegal absences or tardiness. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss the letter you receive.The only recognized excuses for legal absences are:

    • Personal illness
    • Family illness
    • Death in the family
    • Religious Holiday

    Thank you for your support and cooperation in making sure your child is in school regularly and on time.

    Student Absences

    If your child is tardy or absent, please leave a message on the voice mail at (585) 242-5170 x1520. When your child returns to school a note is needed indicating the name of your child, your child's teacher, the date and reason for the absence. You can download a copy of our "CRPS Absence Form" by clicking on the link below.