CRPS Academic Support

  • Contact person:
    Maurin Jeffries


    Grade Level

    Indicators of Eligibility

    Range of Services

    How Progress Is Monitored

    Person Responsible for Service Delivery

    Grades K-2

    • Universal screening of all students using DIBELS 3x/yr.
    • MAP scores (2nd grade)
    • Records of Reading Behaviors (RRBs)

    Review of:

    • Classroom performance (class work, participation, homework, behaviors that promote learning)
    • Student records, reports, evaluations including, but not limited to discipline records, health-related issues, mobility issues, family issues
    • Attendance records
    • Part 154 performance standards for LEP/ELL
    • Tier I
    • Differentiated instruction in the classroom
    • DIBELS benchmark assessments and progress monitoring
    • Records of Rdng Behavior (RRB)
    • Informal assmnts.


    • Academic Support Instructors (ASI)
    • Classroom teachers
    • Instructional Support Specialist
    • TSA


    Tier II

    • Differentiated instruction in the classroom
    • AIS push-in/pull-out by ASI
    • Summer rdng. camp


    Tier III

    • Referral to PST for potential SpEd services
    • Work with support service provider on non-classified basis
    • Additional work with alt. service provider for intensity of services