Council Rock Extended Studies Services

  •  Extended Studies Continuum of Services

    Extended Studies Services are for all children at Council Rock Primary School.  It is a continuum of services based on a school-wide enrichment model.  The goal of extended studies services is to offer rich learning opportunities for all children and allow children to develop and show their potential.  Services are flexible to meet the needs of individual learners.

    Types of services include:  whole class experiences, cluster experiences, small group/individual experiences, and consultation/resource.

    Whole Class Experiences:  The extended studies teacher works with an entire class.  Each lesson complements the work in the classroom and promotes critical thinking skills.  The classroom teacher supports the lesson. 

    Cluster Groups:  Small groups of children that share a common interest or aptitude gather together to explore a topic in-depth with the support of the extended studies teacher.  Participation is based on specific criteria to support a successful experience for each child.  The groups are flexible and participants change depending on the criteria for each exploration.  It would not be appropriate for all children to participate in a cluster group due to the pace and complexity of the experiences, however some children may participate in one or more cluster groups during the year.  Cluster groups do not occur in Kindergarten.  Cluster groups begin mid-year in first grade and in the fall of second grade.

    Small Group/Individual Experiences:  The extended studies teacher may work with small groups of children, or individual children in their classroom, or in the extended studies classroom, on a specific learning extension.  These groups are flexible and short-term.

    Consultation/Resource:  This is a vital part of the extended studies continuum of services.  The extended studies teacher supports the instructional program in the K-2 classrooms by collaborating with classroom teachers as they work to differentiate experiences to meet the needs of their learners.  Teachers consult with the extended studies teacher to discuss the programming needs of individual children.

    **Participation in one or more cluster group or extended studies experiences at Council Rock does not automatically mean a child will participate in extended studies at French Road. 


    It is important to know that the extended studies continuum of services offers a flexible variety of support to our youngest learners.  It also supports classroom teachers as they develop rich and engaging activities for your children throughout the school day.

    I would be happy to chat with you if you have inquiries about extended studies services or specific questions about your child.  You can reach me by e-mail at

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