Brighton Central Schools Retirement Association (BCSRA)

  • Every person who has retired from the Brighton Central Schools is a member of BCSRA. Active members are those who pay dues, currently $10 a year. Instructions for joining are detailed in the related page titled Active Membership.

    The purposes of our organization, as listed in our constitution, are as follows:
    1. To facilitate friendships and camaraderie and to provide support for our colleagues.
    2. To provide information pertaining to the retirement interests of the group.
    3. To advocate regarding retirement issues on behalf of all members and constituencies of the group.
    4. To establish and maintain an affiliation and continuing relationship with the Board of Education, the Administration and the Brighton Teachers’ Association.
    5. To encourage retirees to continue their support, interest and active involvement in the Brighton Central Schools and/or the community where they live.
    6. To support retiree benefits in Brighton and strengthen benefits at the state and national level.
    7. To share ideas, experiences and concerns that mutually affect the membership.

    Brighton Retiree's Scholarship Fund