Brighton Blueprint

  • Dear Members of the School Community,

    The Brighton Blueprint was first developed in June of 2016 following a long and thoughtful process to gather feedback and analyze both our success and opportunities for growth. A wide variety of stakeholders were involved in offering feedback and in ultimately developing the plan. Staff members, parents, students, the Leadership Team, and the Board of Education all participated in this work. The result was a comprehensive and ambitious plan that clearly identified the District’s shared priorities for focusing attention, resources and efforts to grow. More specifically, the plan provided the organization with a clear focus in our efforts to continuously grow, improve, and adapt to meet the ever changing needs of our students and our community.

    Throughout each school year, plans are monitored and adjusted. Progress is reported out at Board of Education meetings and shared through updates at a variety of community, faculty, and PTSA meetings.

    At the conclusion of each year, priority areas are assessed and a planning retreat is held with approximately 50 representatives from the community and organization. Just as the first Blueprint Team did, this group focuses on developing “strategies” or to-do items to accomplish goals for each of the priority areas. Additional planning by the Board of Education and Leadership Team is then done to identify more specific plans for addressing each strategy and to identify the resources needed for each.

    This year’s plan was condensed and considered “transitional” based on the immediate needs of the District. To that end, it is focused on reopening and planning related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Specific planning was addressed in the following areas:  Anti-Racism/Anti-Bias Curriculum, Culturally Responsive Materials and Practices, Family Engagement, Hiring Practices, Staff Training, Discipline Practices, Student Engagement, and Mental Health Concerns.

    Below is the Brighton Blueprint plan that was adopted at the Aug. 11, 2020 Board of Education meeting. There are also Blueprint summary reports from previous school years.

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