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    Council Rock Construction Schedule for March 25 to April 7

    Construction around Council Rock Primary School is underway. Below is the anticipated schedule of work for March 25 through April 7.

    The installation of the underground storm water sewer piping will continue.

    Much of the newly installed underground storm system piping was backfilled without the required vibratory compaction due to sensitivity to the noise of the compactor. Please be aware that the compaction of this work will happen during this period.

    The mass excavation at the south addition building footprint will begin. This will result in many dump trucks moving excavated material off site and many trucks bringing fill materials onto the site.

    The construction of the building foundation pad may start. Truckloads of gravel will be brought onto the site, placed, leveled, and compacted with a vibratory roller.

    The installation of the underground storm system piping in the courtyard may commence.

    Supplying temporary electrical power to the onsite office trailers will be completed.

    The pedestrian walkway will be completed.

    Please note that our schedules are accurate but are always subject to change based on many factors and opportunities.