• The CRPS auditorium is  ready for a new concrete floor

    Council Rock Construction Schedule for July 19 to Aug. 2

    Below is the anticipated schedule for construction at Council Primary School for July 19 to Aug. 2.

    South Addition

    • Foundation work in the B3 (east side) area is complete.
    • Under slab mechanical work in the B3 area is underway.
    • Steel erection in the B3 area is underway.
    • Masonry walls will continue.
    • Exterior framing is ongoing in the B1 (west side) area.
    • Concrete and steel deliveries will be ongoing.

    North Addition

    • Asbestos abatement in the cafeteria is complete.
    • New sanitary systems have been installed.
    • Relocation of the bus loop is complete.
    • Temporary fencing will be installed.
    • Temporary trailers are being set up.

    Inside the Building

    • Demolition of the C (central) and D (west) wings will begin.
    • Abatement has started in the B (south) wing.
    • Abatement is complete in the cafeteria.
    • Interior renovations in the E (northwest) wing are underway.
    • A concrete slab will be poured in the auditorium.
    • Demolition in the main office has been completed.
    • Under slab mechanical work is underway in the auditorium.
    • Relocation of the main office and nurse’s suite is underway.

    We will continue to have contractors working on weekends. Please note that our schedules are accurate but are always subject to change based on many factors and opportunities.