• Brighton High School Summer School

    July 8th – August 12th

    First Semester will run 7/8-7/23

    Second Semester will run 7/24/8/12

    Welcome to the 2019 Brighton Summer School. The following provides a summary of general information for students who will be attending. Specific information for each student is included in the pre-program mailing to families, as well as a copy of the program calendar and the Code of Conduct. For further information, please contact the Brighton High School Counseling Department at 242-5000 ext. 5010, or the Summer School Principal Sean Metz at 242-5000 ext. 4670.


    Highlighted below are the courses your student has been enrolled in for this coming Summer School Session.

    Session I Offerings 7:45am – 9:45am  

    • English 9
    • English 10
    • Earth Science
    • Law & Government Semester I (7/8 – 7/23)
    • Principle of Economics Semester II (7/24 – 8/12)
    • Algebra
    • US History

    Session II Offerings 10:00am – 12:00pm   

    • English 11
    • English 12
    • Social Studies 9
    • Social Studies 10
    • Geometry
    • Living Environment

    Session III 12:00pm – 1:00pm  

    • Student Help

    (Students who will be enrolled in the ACE / Test Preparation Course will be scheduled by our Special Education Staff)



    Brighton High School

    1150 Winton Rd. South

    Rochester NY 14618


    Summer School Principal:

    Sean Metz


    Phone Number 242-5000 ext. 4670


    Summer School Dates: 

    First Day of Instruction: Monday, July 8th  

    End of First Semester: Thursday, July 23th  

    Last Day of Instruction: Wednesday, August 12th  

    Final Examination Days: Thursday and Friday, August 13th and 14th  


    Summer School Location: 
    The BHS Summer School occupies the 3rd floor of Brighton High School. Students should enter and exit through Door #24, which is on the southwest end of the building closest to the parking lot.  The Main Office for Summer School will be room 362.



     Summer School Hours: 

    Session I: 7:45am – 9:45am  

    Session II: 10:00am – 12:00pm   

    Session III*12:00pm – 1:00pm  

    *only applicable for Student Help as needed and coordinated with families 


     Regents Exam Dates:


    Tuesday August 13th AM Exams:

    Algebra I

    English Language Arts

    Physical Setting/Chemistry


    Tuesday August 13th PM Exams:

    Global History & Geography II (New Framework)

    Transition Exam in Global History & Geography


    Wednesday August 14th AM Exams:

    US History & Government

    Physical Setting/Earth Science


    Wednesday August 14th PM Exams:


    Living Environment

    Algebra II




    Please take note: course offerings may be canceled due to insufficient enrollment 



    Registration Criteria: 

    Registering for courses – Students must register through the BHS Counseling Department by June 28th, 2019. Student admission to Brighton Summer School is subject to the following: 

    1. Students must have been enrolled in the course for the entire academic year prior 
    2. Students must have taken the final examination, if applicable, the prior academic year 
    3. Students must be a resident of or currently attend the Brighton Central School District 


    Registering for exams only – If an eligible student needs only to retake a New York State Regents examination, arrangements should be made through the BHS Counseling Department by June 28th, 2019. 





    Summer School Attendance: 

    The BHS Summer School is committed to every student attending every class. Students are required to attend all classes and arrive on time. Attendance is a significant factor in student learning and outcomes because classroom work, general participation and interaction with students of different views and abilities are integral parts of every curriculum. If an absence does occur due to health or other warranted reasons, arrangements must be made between families and the program for making up required class time and missed assignments. Excessive absences may result in removal from the program.