• Updated COVID-19 Protocols  

    1. Students or staff who are exposed as a close contact should wear a mask for 10 days and get tested after five or if symptoms develop. Students returning after five days and masking for five days will be distanced at lunch times. 

    1. If a student or staff member has a positive test or is symptomatic, they should notify school and stay home and isolate for five days. If asymptomatic, the individual can return wearing a mask through day 10. If symptomatic, continue to isolate until symptoms resolve. 

    1. Students or staff who are a close contact AT SCHOOL will be notified that they may have been exposed. 

    1. Test to stay is no longer an option at school. Surveillance testing is no longer being conducted. 

    1. Nursing staff will use their professional discretion in observing potential symptoms and determining whether a student of staff member should be sent home for a COVID test or to remain out of school until symptoms resolve. Testing is not required for return.