Welcome to Student Services

  • Welcome to the office of Student Services. As the director of this department, I oversee the Special Education service providers, which includes special education teachers, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, teachers of the deaf, and interpreters. In addition, I am responsible for Health Services and Mental Health Support Services, which includes the school counselors, school psychologists, and social workers. I am also responsible for the District Wellness Committee that supports training for staff and students on the Dignity for all Students Act (DASA). 

    It is the Brighton Central School District's mission to serve all students in the least restrictive environment, while supporting individual educational needs. We believe that the education of our students is the collective responsibility of all of our constituency groups. We strive to work as a team with parents, faculty, staff, and students to ensure a high quality education.
    We always welcome your feedback on our programs. If you have comments, questions or a concern, please send me an E-mail or call the Student Services office.

    Deanna Spagnola

    (585) 242-5200 x5530

    2035 Monroe Ave.

Contact Information

Name/Title Phone Email
Deanna Spagnola, Director of Student Services (585) 242-5200 x5530 Deanna_Spagnola@bcsd.org
Caitlin Feeney, Assistant Director of Student Services (585) 242-5200 x5536 Caitlin_Feeney@bcsd.org
Therese Lawson, District Psychologist/CPSE Chairperson (585) 242-5200 x5533 Therese_Lawson@bcsd.org
Meg Goodman, Family Navigator (585) 242-5200 Meg_Goodman@bcsd.org
Cathy Dudley, Secretary to the Director of Student Services (585) 242-5200 x5531 Cathy_Dudley@bcsd.org
Theresa VanNiel, Student Services Secretary (585) 242-5200 x5532 Theresa_VanNiel@bcsd.org
Shannon Smith, CPSE Secretary (585) 242-5200 x5534 Shannon_Smith@bcsd.org