• As noted in the District’s 2022-2023 School Calendar, we will have ONE snow day/school cancellation day this school year. Classes will NOT be held on the first day when classes are cancelled. However, should the District have to cancel classes for more than one day, BHS students will have LIVE synchronous classes via ZOOM/Schoology links with their teachers. See attached schedule for such a scenario.


    Teachers have already communicated their SNOW DAY Zoom or Schoology links with students. A Parent Square message, robocall, and e-mail will be sent to all families in the event school buildings are closed. If students have downloaded the Student Square app, they will also get a TEXT message from Dr. Hall.


    The following EXPECTATIONS are for all high school students:

    · Bring home computer devices if we suspect a possible snow day may be called.

    · Check teacher’s Schoology pages for a SNOW DAY ZOOM link ready to go for SNOW DAYS.

    · Sign onto ZOOM links and attend all classes for the entire class period as per the SNOW DAY Schedule.

    · Turn on Cameras so that proper attendance can be taken.

    · Actively participate during the lesson.

    Click the link to see open the Snow Day Schedule:Snow Day Schedule