• FEV Tutoring Support for 3-12 grade students

    Great news! This school year, Brighton has chosen to partner with FEV Tutor to provide you with free, school-sponsored, 1:1 online tutoring as a support resource as we begin the school year. This virtual service will be available to students from 3pm-10pm daily and also on weekends as needed. By logging in to student accounts through Class Link, students will be able to request to work with a tutor in minutes for an On-Demand session. On the FEV platform, students will be able to upload and share files directly with their tutors so that they can provide support with specific assignments or projects.

    If you have any questions about this free virtual tutoring program, please contact FEV Tutor directly at: support@fevtutor.com or call 855-763-2607. FEV's Support Team is happy to answer any questions and work with you to create a personalized tutoring experience that best suits your learner! Take this opportunity to help your student reach their academic goals when they need support outside of school hours. We look forward to supporting our Brighton students!